Housewarming Party Ideas

Housewarming parties are a great way to get family and friends together, so start planning. During your housewarming party you can give guided tours through your house or let people check things out on their own. You can have a buffet meal where people can come and go and pick all day or you can have a set time for a sit down dinner. There are many housewarming party variables that can make a fabulous and each aspect is mix and match and completely up to you.

  1. Hawaiian Luau – If you are having a housewarming party in the middle of summer plan a Hawaiian Luau party complete with fake coconut trees, tiki lights, and sandy beaches. Add some authentic luau food and you are set. Dishes like a tropical fruit plate, pulled pork, fresh salads, and beef jerky are great additions to the menu.

  2. Holiday Party – If you are having a housewarming party near the holidays consider having a Holiday cocktail party or even an outdoor sled riding event. Decorate with draped garlands, lights, non-breakable ornaments to celebrate the holidays. Have carafe's waiting with hot chocolate, coffee, hot water for tea, and cappuccino.

  3. Cheese and Wine Pairing – Although this is more of an adult housewarming party you can add a touch for the kids by having cheese just for them paired with some all natural fruit juices. Add a fresh fruit platter to help keep the palates clean and to snack on and you are good to go. Have a variety of wines and cheeses on hand, if you are unsure of how to pair the cheese and wines, check at your local wine store. I am sure they would be glad to help you out.

  4. Themed Food – If you like to be in the kitchen and make new recipes try a themed food housewarming party. Choose a cuisine and build off of that. Choose Oriental, Italian, Greek, etc. The possibilities of great meals are endless. Decorate according to the cuisine you chose.

  5. Keep It Simple – Some housewarming parties are best when it is just kept simple. Have a buffet with all the foods you know people love, add a variety of drinks, and some snacks. You will have a great dinner with muchies with almost no effort at all.   

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