Houston Radio Stations

If you're looking for a good Houston radio station to fit your music taste, there are plenty to choose from. Houston is a melting pot and it shows though the long list of diverse radio stations. There is something for everyone because multiple stations play the same genre of music. Houston radio stations cater towards a person's specific music needs, which includes hip-hop, top 40, country, oldies, alternative and classic rock.

  1. 92.9 FM The Houston radio station for hit country music is KKBO 93Q. This station broadcasts music from the top country stars including Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, John Michael Montgomery and many more. Every weekday morning from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. the Q Morning Zoo show plays hit songs and witty banter by disc jockeys Tim Tuttle, Kevin Kline and Erica Rico. This Houston radio station also has a constant stream of contests to win tickets to the best country concerts.
  2. 97.9 FM This can't stop, won't stop Houston radio station plays primarily hip-hop music. KBXX 97.9 The Box has a four-person morning show titled The Madd Hatta, which consists of three guys and one really funny girl. The weekday afternoon into early evening program is the two-man team of disc jockeys G-Man and Chile. This Houston radio station plays all the new music by popular rap, R&B, and hip-hop artists such as, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Usher, Nicki Minaj and Keyshia Cole. 
  3. 101.1 FM In 2005 Houston's longtime classic rock radio station KLOL Rock 101 turned into Mega 101. Mega 101 currently plays Latino rap, hip-hop and dance music. This Spanish Houston radio station even plays Spanish rock songs. You don't have to know Spanish in order to enjoy Mega 101 who plays hit songs from Ricky Martin, Shakira, Pitbull and other Spanish-American artists. 
  4. 94.5 FM The Houston radio station that plays new music alternative is KTBZ The Buzz. Twice a year this Houston radio stations holds BuzzFest, which is a huge festival at The Woodlands Pavillion with some of the biggest bands in rock music performing. If you are a fan of the rock bands Foo Fighters, Incubus, Nirvana, Seether and The Black Keys, this would be the Houston Radio station to listen to.
  5. 104.1 FM Houston's No. 1 hit music station is 104.1 KRBE, which has disc jockeys playing nothing but top 40 hits. If a song is on Billboards current top 200 list, that song will be played on this Houston radio station. The only problem with this radio is how often you will hear a song throughout the day. The current popular songs in America will be overplayed on 104.1 KRBE.
  6. 99.1 FM KODA Sunny 99.1 is Houston's official at work radio station. The radio jockeys primarily play adult contemporary that was released from the early '90s to present day. Music played on this radio station also consists of country crossover artists such as Taylor Twift and pop stars such as Katy Perry. Other easy listening artists whose music is played on 99.1 include, Daughtry, Adele and Train.
  7. 107.5 FM A Houston radio station that plays nothing but alternative classic hits is KLDE 107.5 The Eagle. Dean and Rog, the weekday morning show disc jockeys give out concert tickets by playing games with listeners. This radio station plays the hits from such artists as Tom Petty, Def Leppard, Peter Frampton, INXS and Rolling Stones.
  8. 96.5 FM The Houston radio station the brings the best mix of the '70s, '80s and '90s is KHMX Mix 96.5. They cater towards hot contemporary music that is easy listening. The music played on this Houston radio station ranges from such artists as Sara Bareilles, Muse, Matchbox Twenty, Adele and Lifehouse. There are also set times for popular oldies but goodies.
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