How To 180 On BMX

Looking for directions on how to 180 on BMX? The 180 is simple air trick. It is totally up to you with regards to how you perform the 180. You can do a 180 down a small structure like a curb or ramp, or you can do a 180 down a set of stairs. The trick itself is the same regardless of where it is performed. However, as with any BMX trick, when you increase the amount of air that you're getting, you're also increasing your risks of getting injured.

  1. Decisions. While doing the 180 on a BMX bike is a simple trick, it does require a bit of thought. Before you can begin with the trick, you need to decide in which direction you wish to twist your bike. If you are twisting your bike counter-clockwise, then your right foot needs to be the forward foot. If you are twisting your bike clockwise, then your left food needs to be the forward foot.
  2. Speed. If you are just learning how to 180 on BMX, take it slow. Surprisingly, you really do not need much speed to 180 on something small. As with any BMX trick, if you are looking at doing the 180 with increased heights, then you need to be moving at a faster speed to get the air that you need.
  3. Bunnyhop. The bunnyhop plays an integral role in the 180. As you are riding on your BMX bike, begin to move the front wheel of your BMX bike in the direction that you intend on twisting. You will then need to begin to bunnyhop while continuing to twist your bike. By twisting your bike during the bunnyhop, the back wheel of your BMX bike will begin to lift off of the ground. When the back tire of your BMX bike begins to lift off of the ground, pull up on your handlebars and keep on twisting in the direction of your 180.
  4. Landing. The final step in completing the 180 on BMX is to properly land the trick. The 180 requires you to land in a backwards rolling position. You want to ensure that your feet are on both pedals, as this will evenly distribute your weight throughout your BMX bike. The goal is to land your BMX bike in the same direction that you began the trick. To do this, lean into the back wheel, as this will twist your bike back around.
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