How To 180 On Skis

Learning how to bust a one-eighty on skis is not only exciting but also the prelude to a entire gamut of bad ass tricks. Doing a one-eighty on skis requires guts to take that first step. Doing a one-eighty on skis also requires a higher level of competence on skis. A one-eighty on skis can be done off multiple platforms, such as half pipe, rails, ground or quarter pipes. Doing a one-eighty on skis from the quarter pipe platform is perhaps the easiest in which you can motivate other tricks. Busting your first one-eighty on skis will be a moment that you won’t forget.

Things you will need to perform this trick:

  • Skis
  • Skiing gear
  • Downhill
  • Quarter pipe
  • Intermediate skill


  1. Find your location on the slope where the quarter pipe is. Spend some time warming up by skiing the approach and landing area. Make sure it is clear from debris. Perhaps take a run or to up and over the quarter pipe.
  2. Check your gear and your binding. Remember, you will be airborne so your skis will be off the ground. Secured bindings are a must for this trick. Approach the quarter pipe from downhill. Use a comfortable speed. You may need to adjust by falling leaf or shortening your approach.
  3. Remember, you need air to do a one-eighty.As you approach the quarter pip, bend at the knees slightly. Once on the quarter pipe and as you near the apex, straighten your knees, twist and push off.
  4. Once airborne the twist from the quarter pipe will give you momentum. Twist your body slightly, just enough to complete the one-eighty. Keep your poles and arms out for balance. Lean forward a little, bending the knees at a twenty percent grade. You will land fakie, so your body mechanics are important to reduce your chance for a spill.
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