How To 1990 Breakdance

Learning how to 1990 in breakdance can change the tide of any battle. It is a pretty difficult-looking move and is always a crowd pleaser. The 1990 breakdance move is not for those beginning to breakdance, Done improperly, it can lead to serious injuries. To do the 1990 breakdance move properly, you need to have mastered the handstand. If you are unable to do a handstand and hold it for at the very least 30 seconds, do not attempt the 1990 breakdance move. You also need an uncarpeted, slick surface on which to dance. If your hand remains in one place while your body is turning, bad things happen. If you are practicing in a place without a suitable floor, putting a piece of cardboard down can help. If you are left-handed, substitute the opposite directions for feet and hand movements when doing the 1990 breakdance move.

  1. Start the 1990 in an upright standing position with your feet placed apart, just past your hip. Move your right foot into the air. Place your left hand on the floor where your right foot just left.
  2. Quickly put your right hand on the floor. Take most of the weight off the first hand you put on the floor and shift your weight over to the second hand.
  3. Put your left foot in the air and take your left hand off the ground. You should start off with your legs doing the splits and straighten them as you spin. Also, it is very important to straighten your pelvis. These are the things that give the momentum to keep you spinning. Keep your head as close to your arm as possible while spinning and look straight ahead.



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