How To 360 Flip Goofy Footed

Many skaters wonder how to do a 360 flip goofy footed.  This trick is more difficult than many skateboarding tricks and should only be attempted by those who have already mastered the 360 shove-it and the kick flip.  The following guide will help you learn how to do a 360 flip goofy footed.

To do a 360 flip goofy footed, you will need:

  • Your skateboard
  • Knee and shoulder pads
  • A helmet
  1. The first step is to put on your helmet, knee pads, and shoulder pads.  This flip can be dangerous and could easily result in serious injury.
  2. Place your foot firmly on the tail end of the skateboard, right where it begins to turn upwards.  To make this 360 flip a goofy footed 360, you will need to place your foot on the left side of the tail.
  3. Your preferred front foot should now be in the kick flip position.
  4. Push your back foot behind you as hard and as fast as you can, while flipping the tail of the skateboard.  This should make the skateboard complete its 360 rotation.
  5. Your front foot now needs to quickly hit the side of the board.  This will help you complete the 360 flip goofy footed.
  6. Make sure that your feet are above the board as you perform the 360 flip.
  7. To land the 360 flip goofy footed, you need to land firmly with both feet on the board.  You must bend your knees so that your legs can easily absorb the shock.  It is not safe to complete the 360 flip without bent knees.
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