How To 360 On Skis

Learning how to 360 on skis is really cool and looks great to bystanders. Any type of freestyle jump can be performed well. It just takes practice to learn the techniques to pull it off. In fact, it's a good idea to practice jumping and turning without your skis on until you have perfected the movements and then progress to attempting the spin with skis.

 In order to do a 360 on skis you will need:

  • Skis
  • Proper ski gear
  • Safety gear
  1. Practice doing a 360 without skis. You want to feel comfortable with your spin, so practice some turns and see which way it feels more natural for you to turn (either to the left or right).
  2. Start down a slope that you are familiar with. As you approach the jump, squat down and move your hands back a good amount and crouch down into a squat. Make sure you know your surroundings so you know where you are at all times.
  3. As the top of your ski is about to go off the jump, push up and spin your body in the direction you want to spin. Keep your eyes focused ahead so you know your position while in the spin. If you want to spin faster, you need to start your spin harder, give your body a harder push when you start. You need enough momentum in your spin to complete the 360 on skis.
  4. Prepare for your landing. Once you have completed your spin, position your arms outwards to help slow you down and look to where you want to land.
  5. Widen your leg stance. Ideally, your legs should be positioned about shoulder width apart. Begin to crouch down.
  6. Land your skis. As you land, bend your knees more to give you a soft landing and ski away. On your landing shifting your weight forward will help to keep your balance and prevent you from falling.
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