How To 4 Step

Learning how to 4 step is a pretty simple dance move, that looks great when done right. It does require a bit of endurance and flexibility since this is a dance move that is done low to the ground.

  1. You should start in the stooping or squatting position all the way down to the ground. Depending on which leg you want to start on the left or the right extend that leg straight out with the heel of foot on the ground. While the alternate leg is still in the stooping or squatting position, knee pointed upward and heel of foot off the ground. To avoid any confusion in doing the four step, start on the left leg and lean slightly to the left with the left hand on the ground for support. This is the very first and most important step in learning the four step. This move needs to be done right before going any farther with the next three steps.

  3. With the left leg still extended and left hand on the ground, switch legs and hands.  The left leg should now be in the stooping or squatting position, knee pointed upward with left heel of foot off the ground. The right leg should now be extended straight out, with right heel of foot on the ground and right hand on the ground. This is the second step in doing the four step.
  4. With the right hand on the ground and right leg still extended, right heel of foot on the ground. Bring the right leg over across the left leg, which is still in the stooping or squatting position, knee pointing upward, left heel off the ground. The legs will almost look like they are in a V-shape or crossed. There is only one step left in learning this cool dance, the four step.

  5. While the legs are still in the V-shape, lean slightly to the right with the left hip pointing upward. While still slightly leaning to the right put both hands on the ground arms extended. Now bounce up while uncrossing legs. Hands should still be on the ground with arms extended and feet planted firmly on the ground. With legs spread apart like in the shape of an "A." All four steps have been completed. Now start back over from step one and really have some fun.

Once all four steps are done correctly, you will be able to go at a faster pace. Adding a little music with the four step will make learning this cool dance step a lot easier and more fun. To prevent injury, properly stretching and warming up your muscles before learning to do the four step is very important.

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