How To 50-50 Grind A Snowboard

Learn how to 50-50 grind a snowboard through practice on the slopes. Practice makes perfect and keep trying, even if it does not come easy the first time. Attempt the box before trying the rail, making sure of your center of balance.


To 50-50 grind a snowboard, you will need:

  • Box
  • Rail
  • Snowboard
  • Snow slopes

Start the 50-50 grind on a snowboard with a box on the slope before transitioning to the rail. A box provides an easier surface for learning the 50-50 grind on a snowboard. Start with a little bit of speed and approach the box with a flat bottom. The speed should not be so much, propelling you across the box and not too slow that you stop during the 50-50 grind on the snowboard. Turning at this point while approaching the box causes taking the edge of the box instead of gliding across.

  1. Ollie onto the box, centering weight and keeping knees bent. Keep your eyes toward the end of the box, looking where you are going not down at your feet.
  2. Make the transition from the box to the rail for the 50-50 grind on the snowboard. Practice with the box until you feel comfortable enough for the rail.
  3. Approach the rail from the side, keeping a distance of about ½ foot and not placed directly next to the rail. Build up enough speed, not too much and not too little for how to 50-50 grind a snowboard.
  4. Get a little distance past the rail and Ollie onto it. A rail sits a little higher off the ground than the box on the slope. Make sure you can jump high enough onto the rail.
  5. Position the board flat onto the rail, with the center directly over the rail. Stretch your body forward and position arms like the yoga position of Warrior 2 with knees bent. The Warrior 2 position provides arms straight with one facing front and one in back. Keep knees bent and body leaning slightly forward while gliding across the rail for a 50-50 grind on a snowboard.
  6. Perform an Ollie back onto the snow from the rail, keeping the snowboard base flat for how to 50-50 grind a snowboard.
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