How To 540 On A Snowboard

Learning how to 540 on a snowboard is a process that takes time and commitment. You must first become completely familiar with your board, and then you may learn complex tricks, such as this. Following is how to 540 on a snowboard.

How to 540 on a Snowboard:

  1. First, be sure that you have suitable gear. A comfortable, fitting, and easily controllable snowboard and nice boots are key. You must have the right equipment before you can learn tricks, like the 540.
  2. Practice snowboarding often. Get out as much as you can, and hit hard slopes. This will build up your overall control of the board, which is the basis for any tricks.
  3. Work on your ollie. The ollie is a basic jump that is the basis of all aerial tricks. Once you have gotten the basic ollie down, practice turning in the air, until you can manage a 180, which is a half rotation that lands your other foot forward.
  4. Once you get the 180 down, which in itself takes time, work on the 360. The 360 is twice a 180, and it is a complete turn around, requiring a full rotation while you are in the air after jumping. To do this, it can be easier to use a jump such as a ramp to get some air.
  5. The 540 is a 360 plus a 180. So, to master it, you will need to be able to do a full rotation plus a half rotation in the air. Jump up, and rotate your body so that you spin completely around, and turn around half way again, landing the other foot forward. This requires the use of some kind of ramp or pipe, and it takes serious time to get down pat.

Learning how to 540 on a snowboard is tough, and you must keep at it for any chance of success. Start small, and work your way up until you can jump up and rotate efficiently, at which point you can get the trick down.

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