How To 8 Step

In Hip Hop, there are multiple dances with similar names, so learning how to 8 Step could mean a number of different maneuvers. We're going to learn how to do the Eight Step that looks the coolest. The Eight Step we're going to focus on his a version of "Top Rocking". Breakdancing is probably the most competitive form of dance in existence and Top Rocking is basically the B-boy's first impression. The Top Rock exists for two reasons. It acts as a warm up for the breaker before they get into the meat of their routine. But, more importantly the Top Rock draws attention from the crowd while simultaneously making space for the B-boy to get down. The Eight Step, when done correctly will definitely draw the attention of the crowd. So, here it is.

  1. Get loose.  As always, before attempting to do any breaking, you should always stretch. The good news is the Eight Step isn't very difficult to do. But, because you'll be doing a lot of movements that have you twisting and dropping to the floor, it's better to be safe than sorry.
  2. A one and a two. The Eight Step isn't difficult at all. It's just a matter of getting the step sequence down and staying on beat. You'll obviously start out in a standing position. We'll start with your left leg. The Eight Step begins with you hopping on your right leg while kicking your left calf back and swinging it forward making your left foot touch the ground in front of you. As soon has that left foot hits the ground, lean your waist forward. Immediately pull your waist back to its original position and squat to the ground with your knees pointed outward away from your body.
  3. Jump up. At this point you need to jump back into a standing position. But, when you jump up, you want to slide your right leg out from under your body while leaning on your left. Then, you step forward with your right foot. As soon as your right foot hit's the ground you want to turn your body on the heel of your right foot. At this point in the Eight Step you should be facing to the right of your previous position with your right leg extended in front of you and your left leg turned to the side. Your left foot will be facing in your previous direction. Hop off the heel of your right foot while bringing your left foot in front of your right. Now it's all a matter of just doing the steps in sequence again. As the B-boy, it's up to you if you want to switch up your Top Rock or display the rest of your routine.
  4. Practice. The faster you can do the Eight Step the better. Also, you need to be able to Stay on beat. The beat is everything. There's no such thing as acapella breaking. You definitely need to practice transitioning from your Top Rock into other maneuvers as well.



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