How To Access Gamecube Memory Card On Wii

You may want to know how to access a Gamecube memory card on the Wii. There you are, on a warm Sunday morning and your backlog of games have been conquered, so you decide to go back in time a bit and play a little bit of "Beyond Good & Evil" on your Wii, but there's one problem—how do you access the Gamecube's memory card on the Wii? Luckily this is a very simple matter and will have you playing any of the ten or twelve Gamecube games you would still want to play at this point in no time. No more "Battalion Wars" withdrawal!

  1. Find the right slot. At the very top of your Wii, you will see two liftable panels. The largest one is where you would plug in any Gamecube controllers you wished to use, the smaller one to the right of the Gamecube controller slot is the one you need here. Lift that up. You will see two conveniently memory card-shaped slots.
  2. Find your Gamecube memory card. Did you already have it? If you did, good, you can skip this step. If not, you should probably look for it since being able to access a Gamecube memory card on the Wii kind of requires a Gamecube memory card. Did you try in your closet? Behind the couch? In a shoe? It will be in the last place you look, since looking would be kind of silly after you find it.
  3. Put the Gamecube memory card in the slot. Mission accomplished. After placing the Gamecube memory card into your preferred memory card slot on the Wii, you will be able to access previous saves and save new games. Now, it is important to remember that this is only a Gamecube memory card. While you can read and write to and from it for a Gamecube title, you can't put Wii game saves on it due to different save game architecture. At least you are now ready to enjoy Gamecube titles in all their glory!
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