How To Access Hewlett Packard Bios

If you have been bewildered about how to access Hewlett Packard BIOS, you don't have to be any longer. The BIOS is separate from your PC's operating system, yet just as important in its functioning. Be that as it may, your HP BIOS can be elusive if you don't pay attention at startup. There are steps you can take to ensure that you can access you BIOS when needed.

To access the Hewlett Packard BIOS, you will need:

  • Hewlett Packard (HP) computer
  1. Save any files or projects that are currently active. BIOS is independent of your operating system and to access it, your operating system needs to shutdown.
  2. Turn off your HP computer. Wait about five to ten seconds while you settings are saved.
  3. Prepare to enter your HP BIOS. The window of time to access your BIOS may be short, only lasting a few seconds. Get ready to press either the "F1" or "F10" key depending on your operating system. If you have Windows XP or earlier you may need to press "F1" to access the BIOS, while if you have Windows Vista or later you may need to press "F10."
  4. Turn on your HP computer. Press the Power button on your computer, and watch your monitor. As soon as the first screen displays quickly press the "F1" or "F10" key. Wait a few seconds for your computer to acknowledge that you want to enter the BIOS. You will know your HP BIOS program has properly initiated as it will have "BIOS" somewhere in the title of the screen.

Tip: you may have to press the "F1" or "F10" keys more than once to get your system to acknowledge the command to enter the BIOS. You can always repeat the steps above if your computer advances past the BIOS menu to your operating system.

Please keep in mind as your BIOS program opens to be especially careful with your key presses, as a wrong command can adversely affect your system. Also, most BIOS systems don't interact with mice, so be prepared to have to use "F" keys and other keyboard combinations to move about the program.  



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