How To Access Internet On A Blackberry 8110

To get the most out of the excessively priced device, you should know how to access internet on your BlackBerry 8110. The Blackberry 8110 performs many functions including allowing you internet access right there in your hand.  

  1. As with most BlackBerry devices, accessing the internet if a fairly easy process. From your home screen, hit the Menu key (the one with the dots). After selecting the Menu, you will see all of the applications and programs loaded on your BlackBerry 8110. Using your trackball, highlight the icon that has a globe with an arrow circling it. This is your internet browser icon. By clicking on this icon, you will open up an internet browser.
  2. After your internet browser has loaded your home page, you can go to any website of your choice. To do so, hit the Menu key. The Menu key will display a list of options including the Go To… option. At this point, scroll down to Go To… and click the trackball. Simply type in the web address you wish to visit and click your trackball.  
  3. Once you have accessed the internet on your BlackBerry 8110, you can simply click the red phone key located on the right to exit the web browser. The pages you have visited will be saved in your History and can be accessed the next time you open the web browser.

Accessing the internet on the BlackBerry 8110 is important to using a number of great applications available on the device. In fact, BlackBerry has its own application manager that you need the internet to use.

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