How To Access Keychain On Mac

Changing and updating your passwords and other security features requires you to know how to access keychain on a Mac. The keychain is a password management system on a Mac, and contains certificates and private keys as well. It is a convenient way to store security information, until you forget your keychain password. You can reset your keychain, delete certain passwords and update information through this access.

  1. Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of your screen. This will open the “Spotlight” application, which will allow you to search your computers files and programs quickly.
  2. Type “Keychain Access” in the search box. Spotlight lists the results by category with the most popular choice (or “Top Hit”) being first. Keychain Access is an application. If it isn’t listed in the “Top Hit” (though it likely will be), look down the list to the “Applications” section.
  3. Click on “Keychain Access” to open the program. When the application opens, you will see categories on the left and information on the right. If you click on the “Keychain Access” menu at the top left of your screen and then choose “Preferences,” you will see an option on the first page to reset your default keychain. This is one of the most common uses for the Keychain Access application.
  4. Keychain Access can also be found using “Finder.” Open your “Finder” and click on “Applications” on the left hand side. Go to the “Utilities” folder and either double-click or click the arrow to open the selections. “Keychain Access” is listed among the other utilities.
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