How Accurate Is Sportline Heart Rate Monitor Watch?

Anyone that is trying to get fit and healthy eventually wants to buy a heart rate monitor, but how accurate is a Sportline heart rate monitor watch? They make it look too easy, offering such a handy device available in all the chic colors, and yet being so economical. Still, you should always do your research before purchasing a heart rate monitor for your workouts.

Remember the purpose of a heart rate monitor watch. When you’re getting fit, it is helpful to know how fast your heart rate is, especially when doing aerobic exercise, and knowing where your safety level lies. Some people over-train, while others need to catch up, and knowing where your heart rate should be tells you how to achieve the best results for your workout.

The Sportline model of heart rate monitors includes some top features. The programming is easy on these watches, they are comfortable to wear and they have a timer with multiple functions, including a count down, lap timer and reminder alarms. The three types of heart rate monitors include the chest strap type, which wraps the strap around your chest where your heart rate will be read, monitored and transferred to the watch. Other models have no chest strap and are available as a watch that measures your pulse rate from the wrist. Finally, there are finger monitors, which measure heart rate by using a touch screen.

Know the accuracy of the different Sportline heart monitors. The best heart rate monitor to buy is the chest strap type, as they have gone through higher standards of testing, even getting certified by medical institutions as to their credibility. The finger monitor is the least accurate; reviews from consumers have suggested they have less accuracy than the wrist type or chest-strap heart monitors.

Are wireless devices worth it? One concern is that since these are wireless devices, they may not be receiving a current and accurate heart rate due to interference. The newer models of Sportline heart rate monitors have eliminated interference problems. Once you learn about the technology behind the Sportline heart rate monitor, you'll find that the best heart rate monitor to buy is one with ECG technology.

Read customer reviews to find out how accurate the Sportline heart rate monitor watch is. Finding out how heart rate monitor watches work for other people will help the consumer to make better buying decisions. If in doubt, buy a Sportline watch with a good warranty on it, especially if you’re a first time buyer.

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