How To Ace A Level In Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet is one of the most popular games of this current generation of consoles, and is considered to be the most necessary "killer app" on the PS3, but despite it having been out for a while, many people still find problems in figuring out how to ace a level in Little Big Planet. It can be a difficult task, but acing all the levels in the game is the only way to unlock most of the unlockable secrets as well everyone's favorite costume- the Pirate.

  1. Collect everything. In most Little Big Planet levels, there are plenty of things to do outside of just completing the level. In order to ace a level in Little Big Planet, you need to do it all. Every item, every piece of fluff, you need to seek it out like a thirsty man looking for water in a desert. You get achievements and bonuses for doing this on top of the other tasks you need in order to ace a level in Little Big Planet, so the rewards are pretty great.
  2. Don't die. The most important part of acing a level is a simple one on the surface. Just don't die. This is obviously not so simple when you are actually playing the game. Little Big Planet throws a lot of stuff at you during its levels, and it is pretty easy to lose a life. In order to ace a level in Little Big Planet though, you not only can't die, but you can't restart. Yes, just restarting because you are stuck counts as a death. Luckily for gamer's sanity, you don't have to collect everything and not die in one play through. You can take a play through to collect all the items, and then play the level again and go for no deaths and still ace the level in Little Big Planet. Good luck!
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