How To Achieve A Prostate Orgasm By Yourself

Learn about: how to achieve a prostate orgasm by yourself to have the most fulfilling experience. You don’t need someone to help you accomplish a prostate orgasm.  All you need is the right technique, tools excitement and motivation to reach a prostate orgasm. You will be able to achieve a climax by yourself just, stimulating your prostate over and over again.

What you will need:

  • Gloves
  • Quiet room
  • Lubrication
  1. First urinate and relieve your bowels. Urinating before you get started is easy to achieve, but if you haven’t had a bowel movement previously it will be best if you did. If you don’t feel like you have to go using a mild suppository will help you to empty your bowels. Having a bowel movement before trying to reach an orgasm will help to relax your prostate and it will loosen up your anus for the pleasure ahead. When you start stimulating your prostate it may feel like you have to use the bathroom. If you already went to the bathroom you don’t have to worry about any disruptions. If you experience those sensations just continue.
  2. Take hot shower. This is just to calm and relax you, put you in the mood for a prostate orgasm. If you prefer not to shower least of all, clean your hands before getting started.
  3. Find a quiet room with no distractions. You don’t want to be interrupted in anyway while trying to achieve a prostate orgasm, so find a quiet spot. It probably would be best if you tried to achieve a prostate orgasm while home alone.
  4. Things you can use to arouse prostate. It you choose to use your finger or fingers wear a latex glove. There are also the sex beads strings of round less than a quarter of an inch balls, attached to thick string. What you do is push one ball at a time inside of your rectum until you reach your prostate than pull them out. Perhaps you would consider using a mini vibrator the size and length of your index finger push it in and once you reach your prostate, start the vibrating action; will heighten the sensation of you orgasm. These are options you can use, but it may be best to use your finger until you become more experienced at reaching your prostate and achieving orgasm.
  5. Different Positions to stimulate prostate. You need to figure out what’s the best and most comfortable position for you to be in to awaken your prostate. Some positions you can try is lying on your back, stomach, side, on your knees; reaching behind you or standing up with one foot on a chair. Use whatever position you are most comfortable with.
  6. Begin the technique for prostate orgasm. Put glove on hand, with trimmed nail and lubrication on glove finger you will use. Get in the position of your choosing and begin sliding finger inside of anus until reaching prostate. Once you hit your mark start moving your finger back and forth at a desired pace until you achieve your ultimate goal of having prostate orgasm. It won’t hurt to stroke and stimulate your penis; if you can manage it. It will only intensify the pleasure you will experience from orgasm.
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