How To Acquire A Taste For Beer

If the enjoyment many people have for a nice cold beer is lost on you, learn how to acquire a taste for beer. There are many types of beer out there to enjoy, and you're sure to find one that's tolerable. Follow this guide to discover new ways to acquire a taste for beer.


  1. Try the lightest beer first. This type of beer is usually has the weakest flavor, but you can gradually build up your tolerance this way.
  2. Always drink your beer ice cold. Try drinking it from a frozen glass.
  3. Choose draft if it's available. This type of beer tastes better as it's usually very fresh and has the optimal amount of carbonation.
  4. Drink beer with food. Some foods are just meant to go with beer, such as bratwurst or other grilled meats, peanuts in the shell, pretzels, and pizza. Add it to marinades and batters for a unique, tasty flavor.
  5. Try relaxing with a beer after a long day at work. You will likely enjoy it more and feel no pressure to drink it all at once.
  6. Learn about the different types of beer, such as ale, lager, and stout. Visit a brewery and try some samples. Though there will no doubt be some beers you can't stand, there will likely be one you really enjoy.
  7. Don't feel pressured to down the beer all at once. If you're not a beer drinker, this will probably only make you sick and turn you against it altogether. Take it slow and sip your beer until you get used to the taste.


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