How To Act Around Ex

Knowing how to act around your ex can be an overwhelming swirl of emotions. No matter why you broke up, no matter how much you hate them or still love them, you still need to follow these simple guidelines when you run into an ex. It will help keep you from more hurt or causing an embarrassing scene. 

  1. Be your normal self around your ex. It doesn't matter how heartbroken you are. It doesn't matter if you hate your ex because she doesn’t love you the same way you loved her. It doesn't matter if you hate her because she was unfaithful. None of that stuff matters when you run into your ex again. All that matters is that you do all you can to keep yourself from feeling uncomfortable. Be yourself, be happy but no don’t be fake. Just relax and treat her as another casual acquaintance.
  2. Be kind when you have to be around your ex. Chances are that it is not by choice and there are many innocent bystanders around. Do not make others deal with your failed relationship. Force yourself to be kind and respectful to your ex just like you would with anyone else. It will also feel great to be the bigger person and act like you don’t care that it's over.
  3. Keep it short. If you run into him at the movies, just say a quick hello and get back to your movie adventure. If you keep things short, there is less time for anything awkward to be said. It also hardly gives you any time to remember anything bad that may have happened between the two of you. Say your hellos and avoid the long conversations of catching up.
  4. Don’t obsess about it. If you see her at the mall, don’t follow her. Don’t be dramatic about trying to avoid her. Once you say your quick hello, force yourself to focus on what you are doing and what is more important. You don’t want your ex to see you lose your train of thought, so don’t focus on her. She will notice if you begin to obsess over being around her again.
  5. Ignore old feelings. When you see him walk in the room, your heart skips a beat and your stomach falls to your feet. At first that was a great feeling, and now it is the worst. Take the time to focus on something else before you speak to your ex. You want to feel normal and at ease or else you may say or do something to make a fool out of yourself. Forget that you once cared for the guy and treat him as just another old distant friend.
  6. Remind yourself why you broke up. It is always hard to see an ex happy with anyone els–even friends. Remind yourself why things didn’t work out. It is very important to remember that you broke up for a reason. You were not meant to be, so remember what it is that you want to have in your next relationship.
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