How To Act Around Women

If you're not getting all the action you desire, maybe you don't know how to act around women. Successful men know what to say and how to say it while promoting a sexy, alluring demeanor.

  1. Be polite. Being a gentleman and remaining polite is how to act around women. Wait until you know her better before you let it all hang out. Or maybe not—some women are sticklers for manners!
  2. Make decisions. Part of knowing how to act around women means being independent. Make decisions for yourself and, if she asks you to plan the date, do it. Women love confident men. Women appreciate men who make decisions and trust their judgement.
  3. Watch your language. If you really want to know how to act around women, watch your language. No crude or foul remarks—it's a turn-off to most girls.
  4. Turn on the humor. Smart men know that women love to laugh, and making her laugh is part of knowing how to act around women. Most men aren't funny, so if you know how to laugh and have a good sense of humor, you're already ahead of the competition.
  5. Treat her well. Women want to be friends and that's part of knowing how to act around women. Being friends doesn't mean treating her like a buddy, however. Unless she tells you differently, mind your manners.
  6. Leave horseplay at home. Nothing says you don't know how to act around women more than slugging a woman. There are situations where it's okay to engage in horseplay and wrestling. Sometimes it's delicious fun! Until you know whether she's a physical kind of girl, be polite with your hands.
  7. Find your comfort zone. Stay comfortable with who you are and you will know how to act around women. Successful men know who they are, what they want and where they're going. Being comfortable and secure is a huge turn on!



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