How To Act On A Blind Date

Blind dates are probably one of the most nerve wracking things that people do to themselves and knowing how to act on a blind date is important. You may fear seeming desperate to your date, although he has found himself in the same boat of being set up on a blind date. You may fear any number of things. However, set those fears aside. When it comes to your behavior on a blind date, set the tone for a great night by having a great attitude.

  1. Smile and be friendly. Joke if you can think of a fun and harmless way of joking. Do not be a jokester if the only jokes that you can think about are self-deprecating or putting down the concept of blind dates. There's enough pressure on the evening without awkward offenses being done early on. Try to present a carefree and calm attitude, and it will likely truly calm you down.
  2. Don't make excuses for why you are on a blind date in the first place. Because your date is also in the situation, acting like it is beneath you may further heighten his own insecurities, prompting him to relay his excuses. The night can easily spiral into uncomfortable silences from there. Instead, stay upbeat. if your date starts to show insecurities, discourage that by making a positive statement on the fun of a blind date.
  3. Do not trust your blind date. You do not know him. Even if you trust your friend, your friend may be a bad judge of character. Request meeting in a public place. Although you don't have to state is as "public place," have a certain meeting place in mind before contacting your date. Even if your date insists on picking you up or you meeting at his place, don't do it. The most vile predators present a really trustworthy front. Have fun, but keep your safety a priority. Take your own car home after the end of your blind date.
  4. Be yourself on a blind date. You don't want someone asking for a second date if you can't even be yourself around him. While you don't want to cry and have body odor on a first date, be yourself in terms of expressing your personality and the person you are inside.
  5. Avoid getting too personal. Don't ask about exes; don't volunteer information on yours. Don't talk about bodily functions or things of a sexual nature. Don't talk about love. Don't talk about your parents or your personal baggage. Keep the conversation light on a blind date. Not only will you cringe if you hear too much from a blind date that you plan to never see again, you'll just introduce awkwardness if you wear your heart on your sleeve upon your first meeting.
  6. Let yourself consider the possibilities on a first date. Beyond protecting yourself and your safety, throw caution to the wind and indulge in some fun conversations on the first blind date.
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