How To Act Confident When Meeting Women

Learning how to act confident when meeting women is the first step to actually being more confident around women. If you can “talk the talk” it won’t be long before you can also “walk the walk.” Act confident long enough and you will soon start to realize that you actually do feel more confident. Which will make your confidence grow even more.

Here are some things you can do to act confident when meeting women:

  1. Make eye contact. When you don’t make eye contact, it can cause people to subconsciously make one of two conclusions about you. The first is that you’re “shifty,” and being dishonest or insincere in some way. The second is that you are insecure and lacking in self esteem. On the other hand, looking someone in the eye, and maintaining that eye contact for most of your conversation, is a quick and easy way to tell the other person that you are confident, you have nothing to hide. And you are interested in them, and what they have to say.
  2. Stand tall. Slouching when meeting a woman gives the impression that you lack self-confidence, and are somehow trying to hide away in your clothes. That or you’re so bored in disinterested in what they have to say that you can’t be bothered to stand up straight and pay attention. And, if you are trying to impress a woman, these are not impressions you want to make. So one way to act confident when meeting women is to stand tall and proud.
  3. Start shaking hands. Shaking hands isn’t just something you should do in formal environments. They also work great when meeting women. Handshakes are a quick way to make a physical connection with someone. It also lets a woman feel like you are truly glad to meet them, and eager to get to know them. And having a strong handshake does make you seem like someone who is confident and in control. Both of which are very attractive traits
  4. Speak clearly and with confidence. Are you a mumbler? If so, try to shake off that habit. When people mumble, it’s usually because they aren’t confident about what they are saying, and half hope no one will actually hear them. And even if that’s not the reason you mumble, that’s what people will think. And since your goal when meeting women is to seem more confident and self-assured, mumbling would be counterproductive. Instead, speak clearly and with confidence. Act like you want to be heard, and people will actually be more interested in listening to what you have to say.
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