How To Act Cool

Any guy who is wondering how to act cool already knows that it is not as effortless as some make it seem. Acting cool is less about how you look and more about how you feel. Here are a few tips on how to act cool in any situation.

  • Confidence. This is the most important thing you will ever learn about acting cool. The minute you begin to act like you don't know what you're doing, the "cool" act fades and you are exposed as someone who is insecure. Be confident about your actions and don't hesitate to act. Stand up straight and look people in the eye.
  • Emotions. If you are the type that cries at the drop of a hat, you're going to have to learn to control that if you want to be seen as cool. You can still have normal human emotions, just don't wear them where everyone can see them. When someone tells you a shocking or disturbing fact, respond with a face that says you are not alarmed.
  • Fashion. The style you wear is not as important as the fact that your clothes are clean and that they fit. Even if your style is a little off, you can still look cool if your clothes are nice, neat and clean.
  • Mystery. If you want to act cool, you're going to have to develop an air of mystery. Don't be eager to answer questions about yourself and don't give out too much information on the first date. Be coy when talking about yourself and others will wonder what it is that you are hiding. Don't loudly tell everyone about your hobbies and interests. Let them discover them on their own and you will seem much more cool.

Knowing how to act cool does not mean that you are indifferent or mean to others. You can still act cool and be a nice guy. Just remember the tips above and treat others as you wish to be treated.

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