How To Act High

You may wonder why anyone would want to learn how to act high. Whether it is to gain information (people tend to talk freely around someone who won't remember it later), to portray a role (maybe you're a budding actor) or to fit in with the crowd, learning how to act high is a fairly simple thing to do.

  1. Watch those around you. People who are high tend to sit around or even lay around lazily watching the action around them through half closed, heavy-lidded eyes.  Once you perfect this dazed and half asleep look you are on your way to acting high. A slack mouth and lolling head are sure signs of being high.
  2. Develop a fascinated stare. Fascination with objects and movement are typical when someone is high, so as you watch the world from under your half closed eyelids be sure to spend a fair amount of time staring blankly at someone's hands or a clock. Any repetitive motion tends to catch the eye of someone who is high. Watching cartoons is also a popular activity for stoners. Whether you watch Tom and Jerry or Family Guy, staring intensely at the television and laughing at almost everything is part of acting high.
  3. Learn how to fake the munchies. Munchies or uncontrollable eating and drinking are stereotypical signs of being high, so if you want to act high forget about diet and nutrition. Dig in to the big bag of chips, or make a strange concoction that everyone who is high will find delicious. Make sure you drink plenty as well because "cottonmouth" is a symptom of smoking marijuana and most other drugs as well.
  4. Move in a different way. If you have to get up be sure to do so slowly and move languidly, dancing is especially fun when you are acting high. Picture the groovy hippie parties you may have seen on television and behave similarly.
  5. Do your research. In order to perform research on acting high you have several excellent stoner movies to choose from: Any "Cheech and Chong" movie, "Half Baked" (w/ Dave Chappelle), "Dazed and Confused" and "Dude Where's My Car." After watching these movies and following the advice above you will know how to act high while keeping your head out of the clouds.
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