How To Act Manly

Every real man wants to know how to act manly. Every man wish there was a step by step guide to acting manly. For instance, let's look at the Artist Formerly Known As pPrince. Everyone knows Prince is a man, and as a man, Prince likes women. But does the Artist Formerly Known As Prince act manly? To answer that question, prince does not act manly. Maybe if there had been a step by step guide to "how to act manly" when Prince was growing up, most people would not question his manhood. Well here are the steps to on how to act manly.

  1. Have posture and mannerisms like a man. Some men have a habit of eating, standing, and sleeping like a woman. Even if it's more comfortable to behave like women in these area, don't do it! It will raise too many eyebrows.
  2. Never give a another man a compliment about his appearance, even if the guy looks like he could get every woman in the room to love him forever.
  3. Burp, split, and scratch your love nest often. If you can do all three at once, then you should be teaching a class on how to act manly.
  4. Do not be in touch with your feelings or sensitive side. Real men don't cry ever, unless you're forced by your significant other to watch figure skating, only then, it is ok to shed a tear. And by the way, do not keep a significant other (girlfriend) for more than a year, this leads to the next suggestion on how to act manly…
  5. Date lots of women, and if you think you are dating too many women, date some more. If can date many women at once successfully, other men will start calling you "the man". And being called "the man" is proof enough that you are acting manly.
  6. If you follow these suggestions on how to act manly, the last thing to do after the suggestions above to become a real man is, grow up!  And the way you grow up is to disregard every suggestion said previously and be yourself.



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