How To Act Mature

Whether you’re young or old, suave or socially awkward, you may have heard from your girlfriend or even your boss: you need to learn how to act mature. Even if your initial projection of maturity is just an act to get a job or a date, try to make the behaviors second nature. If you do, soon, you might find yourself genuinely maturing.

  1. Act confident, not cocky. To act mature, you’ll need to recognize that you don’t know everything and can’t always be the right. Behave humble and be willing to admit when you are wrong and you will project an image of maturity.
  2. Use subtle clean humor and lay off on the practical jokes. Chances are good that one of the commands to act mature came after an off-color joke or childish prank. Save this type of behavior for your buddies. When you’re at work or with a romantic interest, opt for a more sophisticated form of humor.
  3. Be responsible. Few things convey maturity better than responsibility. If you show up on time, follow through on the things you promise to do, and own up to your actions and it will be clear that you know how to act mature.
  4. Show that you’re goal-oriented. It’s okay to not know where you’re going in life, particularly if you’re in just out of college or high school. If you want to act mature, however, you’ll need to hide this. Think about the things you want to accomplish and be ready to talk about the details of your dreams, ideas, and plans.
  5. Dress the part. Once you begin to act mature, let your physical appearance reflect your attitude. Choose clean, unwrinkled clothing that is appropriate for the setting. Jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers have their place, and it’s usually not in the office or on a first date. 
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