How To Act Rich

Stop fantasizing about being rich, and learn how to act rich. If you act rich, you will begin to feel rich, and ultimately work on your goals which lead to building wealth in your future. Acting rich is easy and a lot of fun.

  1. Dress to impress. If you want others to think that you are rich, you must dress the part. Your clothes should be neat, clean and stylish. They should also be of good quality. Purchase quality clothing and designer wear at consignment stores and thrift shops. Wherever you go make sure you look rich. Looking rich makes it easier to act rich.
  2. Speak with intelligence. Rich people have class and are usually well-educated. Speak with intelligence and authority. Pay attention to your vocabulary. Avoid the use of slang and profanity, otherwise you will sound low-class.
  3. Treat others with respect. Self-made millionaires have impeccable manners. They worked their way to wealth, and they understand what it feels like to be the little guy. They treat the help with respect. Be kind to the waiters, hosts, and cashiers. Give a big tip or at least give compliments. Be friendly and smile often. Be the rich guy that everyone loves.
  4. Drive a fancy car. Rich people drive quality cars. Buy your BMW, Mercedes or Lexus at the pre-owned dealership. A quality used car is still more impressive than a brand new cheap car, and will hold up over time. If you cannot afford any car, then rent a quality car on occasions when you need to appear rich.
  5. Hangout in wealthy areas. Go to the coffee shops or restaurants in the most exclusive parts of town. If you can’t afford a meal, have a drink and an appetizer. Being where the rich gather will help you meet rich friends.

Pretending to be rich is exciting. Perhaps it will motivate you to improve your life so that you will be able to enjoy the finer things in life.

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