How To Act On The Third Date

If you’ve been hitting it off with a girl lately, you’ll soon have to know how to act on the third date. This date is crucial to many, as it typically marks the end of the getting-to-know-you phase of a relationship. It may, in some cases, even be the stepping stone towards something more exclusive in the near future. Check out the guide below to know how to act to bag a person fully, that is, if you want to.

  1. Build on the first two dates. If you’ve made it to date number three, odds are you’ve been doing something right. Keep whatever that was up. Most people make an effort to show only their best personality traits in the first couple of dates, which is fine. By the time the third date rolls around, try opening up about something, however small it is, to your dating partner. It will build a feeling of closeness that you’ve been working on up to this point.
  2. Keep certain subjects off the table. You and the person you’re with may be getting closer by the third date, but this is not reason to bring up certain taboo subjects quite yet. The fact is it’s still early, and things are pretty fragile. So don’t bring up how much you hate a certain political party or your cousin who’s in jail quite yet. It could ruin the relaxed atmosphere that is so critical to successful dating.
  3. Keep your confidence level high. You’ve obviously won her attention over the past two dates. The biggest hurdle has already been overcome, so don’t get nervous now. From the third date on, the trick is to fall into a good rhythm with the other person where you’re both consistently enjoying yourselves. The evolution of the relationship will come along with this naturally.
  4. Take the chance to go with something a little more intimate. The first two dates usually involve a pretty low level of closeness. Most people opt for drinks or dinner and a movie, in other words, something to facilitate the time you spend together. On the third date, you could try doing something with a high interest level and an opportunity for you two to spend a lot of time actually conversing without any facilitators. Some good ideas include an amusement park, a hike and picnic, or an activity such as ice skating. They’re all brutally cliché, but girls love that stuff.
  5. Interpret her desired intimacy level to keep it comfortable and appropriate. If a girl’s not ready to get physically intimate, don’t under any circumstances push the issue. By now, you know her a little better, and you can tell whether she’s into something or not. When she’s ready, you’ll know, trying to convince her when she’s not will likely only hurt your chances. 
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