How To Activate Child Safety Locks On Mercedes Benz C230

The Mercedes Benz C230 model is a sporty car, so many people do not know how to activate the child safety locks on it. Having child safety locks on a vehicle is the best for a parent with a young child (or children). Many children love to push every button they can get their hands (or feet) on, which could result in an accidental door opening. Activating the child safety locks on a Mercedes Benz C230 can save a lot of stress when a child is playing with the doors buttons in the back seat. The Mercedes Benz C230 model was built as a safe, yet sporty, family car with the intentions that a child will tamper with the buttons and handles. This is why they came up with child safety locks on this car model.

  1. Open the rear doors of the Mercedes Benz C230 model. You will need both doors open to activate both of the child safety locks.
  2. Find the latch on the side of each door. The latch might be tricky to find because it isn’t on the inside of the car, nor is it on the outside.
  3. Push the latch upwards to activate the child safety locks.  Be sure to do this step on both doors in case the child moves from seat to seat and tries to open the other door.
  4. Lock the doors from the driver or passenger seat using the lock/unlock switch. Doing this will better ensure the doors will stay closed.  Even if the lock button isn’t pushed, the doors should automatically lock after going ten to fifteen miles per hour.
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