How To Activate Cloaking Jedi Academy

If you have played "Jedi Academy" and are interested at all in the cheat codes, you likely want to know how to activate cloaking "Jedi Academy." This is one of the odder cheats in the game, as it is a bit less game breaking than some of the better known cheats, yet still allows you to play "Jedi Academy" at a significantly reduced difficulty. Cloaking, as you may imagine, will not protect you from environmental hazards or falling off a platform, but it will keep those pesky Stormtroopers (and Dark Jedi, amongst other foes) from keeping track of your fresh from the Academy Jedi. The game, the fourth in the Dark Forces series (fifth, if you count the Jedi Knight spin-off "Mysteries of the Sith" as its own game), starts off at the Jedi Academy and is the only game in the series not to feature Kyle Katarn as the primary protagonist.  It also provides for a great deal of fun when messing about with the various cheats.  Activating cloaking is a very, very simple process.

  1. Start the game. Activating the "cheat" mode requires you to be in the single player mode of "Jedi Academy," so feel free to boot up a new game or load an older save. The cheats are save specific.
  2. Hit "Shift" + "~."  Yes, yet another game that hides its debug mode under the Tilde key. As with many shooters of the era, this is how you will start to enter any code.
  3. Type "devmapall." "Jedi Academy" actually requires this extra step just to active "cheat mode." From here, you can enter a number of different codes.
  4. Type "notarget." NoTarget is the classic Dark Forces invisibility code and it carried over to Jedi Academy. Have fun being invisible!

After you enter the NoTarget code, feel free to mess around with enemies and allies in any manner you see fit. While you can still die, the code does give you a major advantage when it comes to the game's often challenging combat. As a word of warning, you may want to turn this off when it comes time to initiated a scripted sequence—cheat codes always run the risk of causing minor and major bugs in games. 

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