How To Activate A Direct TV Card

Learning how to activate a direct TV card is really quite simple. With a little bit of know how you will have your card activated in no time and soon enough you will be up and watching TV with no stress or fuss at all. Now, without any further ado lets get your Direct TV card activated before you miss the next episode of True Blood, or whatever your favorite show of the moment happens to be.

  1. Get your card out. If your card has a security cover then you will need to scratch it off to reveal the code. If your card does not have this then simply locate the unique ID code on the card. You should be able to find it fairly easily.
  2. Go to the Direct TV website. You can either use your favorite search engine, or simply visit the Direct TV website to activate your Direct TV card. Hover over My Account, then Sign in/Create Account and click on it.
  3. Set up your account. Just answer the questions the way that you would for any web based form. During the registration process you should be asked for an activation number. If you are asked, then put in the number from your card.
  4. If you are not asked, or have bypassed this screen already, call Direct TV. The phone number should be on the card. If you cannot find it there, it will also be on the website. When you get to a service rep, give them your account information and then explain that you need to activate the card. They will be able to help you from there.
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