How To Activate Java Settings For Nokia

Certain websites use Javascript programs on their webpages, so you'll need to know how to activate Java settings for Nokia in order to use these pages properly. Although there are differences between Nokia phone models, in general the process to activate Javascript is the same. Common uses of Java on web pages are web games, chat applications, and navigational features. You might need to activate Javascript to open links and navigate around certain websites. Most sites will have an error message displayed if you need to enable Java for a specific webpage. There are a few reasons that you might not want to activate Java settings for Nokia, however. If you don't regularly access web pages that use Java, keeping it turned off can protect you from viruses that exploit certain Javascript applications. You may also want to keep Javascript turned off if you encounter long loading times on web pages.

  1. Open the Nokia web browser.
  2. Navigate to a site that uses Javascript applications. You may see the error message informing you that Java is not enabled, and the website components won't work properly.
  3. Go to "Options," "General," then "Java/ECMA Script."
  4. Choose "Enable" to activate Javascript.
  5. Refresh the web page. If the Java elements of the page work, then you have been able to activate Javascript on your phone. Otherwise, troubleshoot the problem by turning the phone off and on, or checking for any web browser software updates. You may also want to check another Java based webpage to ensure that the problem is not with the page you are trying to access.
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