How To Activate My Discover Gift Card

If you have received this fun present, learn how to activate your Discover gift card. Discover gift cards are wonderful to receive, as you can use them almost anywhere that you can shop. There are few stores that don't take this major credit card, and any place that accepts the Discover credit card must also accept the gift card, which functions as a credit card for the store's purposes. So take out that card. Activate it, then get ready for fun.

  1. First, make sure to have your card and any accompanying packaging at hand. Remove the card from its packaging, so that you can easily access both the front and back of your Discover gift card.
  2. Go to the official Discover card Website and click on the link at the top middle of the page, which says "Gift cards." It will then take you to a page, where you will need to click on "Activate."
  3. Enter your cardholder number, which is the numbers placed where the traditional credit card numbers would be placed on the front bottom of the Discover gift card.
  4. Enter your cardholder ID number. You can find this Cardholder ID by looking at the back of your Discover gift card. It wil lbe the 3-digit code in separate coloring, by the cardholder number itself. If you received an e-gift card from Discover, the cardholder ID number is the 3-digit security code on the front.
  5. You'll also need to enter a verification code on the Website, which is provided by Discover. It's in place to make sure that you are not site spam. It's there for your protection, to prevent fraud.
  6. Enter your home address and other identification elements on the Discover Website. You'll want the address that you input to match the one on your photo ID. This may be necessary to verify some purchases. You'll need to remember the address that you put, as online purchases especially are verified by matching the zip code that is associated with your credit card or gift card.
  7. Click to verify your Discover gift card, and wait for the screen to confirm that your card is activated.
  8. Be sure to call the number for Discover gift cards directly at 1-866-522-7026 if you have any problems with your card's activation.

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