How To Activate Sirius Radio

If you’ve purchased one, and you’re wondering how to activate Sirius radio, it’s very easy. You’ll soon be listening to commercial free satellite radio programming in your car, home, or on the go. You can use the same receiver in a variety of docking stations so that you only pay for one subscription for service.

To activate Sirius radio, you will need:

  • A Sirius Receiver
  • A Sirius Docking Station
  • A Sirius Satellite Antenna
  • A power source
  • A way to contact Sirius, either phone or online
  1. Attach your docking station to a power source. Plug cord into an electrical outlet or a cigarette lighter depending on what kind of docking station you are using.
  2. Write down the ID/ESN number. This number is located on the back of the Sirius receiver.
  3. Insert Sirius receiver into the docking station. Firmly insert the receiver. It should fit securely into the docking station.
  4. Attach the Sirius satellite antenna to the docking station. Insert the plug into the correct receptacle. Face the antenna skyward. You may need to place the antenna on the car roof or near a window if you’re in the house for an unobstructed position.
  5. Turn the receiver on. Push the button to turn the receiver on.
  6. Tune the receiver to channel 184.
  7. Get out your credit card.
  8. Call Sirius or go to online to set up your account. Provide Sirius with your ID/ESN number, name, address, and credit card information. They will set up your account and activate Sirius radio.
  9. Wait a few minutes. Activation is very quick. It will program your Sirius receiver in a few minutes and you’ll be enjoying commercial free satellite radio before you know it.
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