How To Activate Wii SD Card

Knowing how to activate Wii SD card is a useful tool, and is luckily simple for owners to activate and use. Having an SD card allows Nintendo Wii owners to not only transfer game saves and Wii Channel applications, but move around files like their own photographs or MP3 files. This also allows you to view these files on your television screen through your Nintendo Wii.

  1. Make sure your SD card is compatible. Cards that can be used on the Nintendo Wii include SD cards, Mini SD Cards and Adaptors, and Micro SD Cards and adaptors. You can also use an SDHC card, (SD High Capacity), but only if the version of your Wii Menu is 4.0 or higher.
  2. Turn on your Wii. Open the SD Card Slot cover (this is on the front of the console) and insert your SD Card, making sure you hear the card click into place.
  3. Select the SD Card Menu icon. This will be on the bottom left corner of the Wii Menu. All the contents of your SD Card will come up.
  4. Click on the item you wish to use. This will activate the data, whether it is a game save or a downloaded Wii Channel.
  5. In order to access your photos, go to the Photo Channel. This will be on the first page of your Nintendo Wii start up menu. Click on the option "View Photos from SD Cards" to activate the inserted SD card and look at your pictures.
  6. To copy data onto an SD Card, click on Wii Settings on the bottom left of the menu screen. Select Data Management. Then select Save Data to copy game saves, or Wii Channels to copy a Wii Channel. Select the file, then select Copy. The Nintendo Wii will ask if you want to copy this date; select Yes, and your data will be copied onto your SD Card.



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