How To Add A Column In Excel

The process to learn how to add a column in Excel is mercifully simple. Though there are tools in Excel that are difficult to learn, and excruciating to master, column additions are fortunately some of easier tasks you will undertake.

To add a column in Excel, you will need:

  • Computer
  • Microsoft Excel 


  1. Planning. Decide where you want your new column. Select (click on) the column to the right of your desired addition.
  2. Execution. Right click on your selected cell and then click "insert." A new prompt will pop up, giving you a few insertion options. Pick "Entire Column" and click "OK." Congratulations! You have added a new column in Excel!
  3. Additional Columns. Want to add more than one column? If, for example, you want to add three columns, select the three columns to the right of your desired addition. When you choose "Entire Column" again, three new columns will be added to the left of the selected columns. Your original data will stay together and intact.
  4. New Features. If you have Excel 2007, you have another easy access option that many people choose to use to add a column in Excel 2007. On the Ribbon, be sure that the "Home" tab is selected. Near the upper right of the screen, click in the "Insert" button, followed by the "Insert Sheet Columns" menu item. The functionality here is exactly the same as the right click method.

Breathe a sigh of relief. You have added a column in Excel, and are on the path towards true Excel mastery.


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