How to Add Coolant to a BMW

BMW owners may want to know how to add coolant to a BMW. Adding coolant can be just a check up precaution or necessary because the BMW coolant was low. In a few simple steps, you can add coolant to a BMW and get going on driving down the road on your way to work or that scheduled weekend getaway. You may want to check for a leak if the coolant is low. Check the cooling system hoses and underneath the vehicle for wet or damp spots.

To add coolant to a BMW, you will need:

  • BMW 50/50 coolant
  • Rag, to clean up any spills

If your BMW coolant is low, you will want to check for leaks. Be sure to check all hoses that are part of the cooling system for damp or wet spots. Check for crack hoses or possible hoses. Look under the BMW for puddles or wet spots. A BMW dealer can check for you if you are unsure or if you prefer to have it done by professionals. 

  1. Park on a level spot. If there is coolant in the reservoir tank, then you do not need to add coolant.
  2. Open the pressurized coolant reservoir lid. The BMW does not have a radiator cap like most vehicles. It has a closed, pressurized cooling system where coolant must be added through the coolant reservoir lid.
  3. Add BMW 50/50 coolant to the reservoir. Do not overfill.
  4. Once coolant is added, close reservoir lid. Start vehicle and let coolant cycle through the system.
  5. Shut vehicle off and check reservoir. If the BMW coolant reservoir is empty, repeat above steps.
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