How To Add Facebook Link To Website

It's important to learn how to add Facebook link to website if you want to promote your page on your personal or business website. For instance, if you want to build up your Facebook friends or fan base then post regular messages on your Facebook link related to your website; this is an ideal way to keep people (particularly Facebook fanatics) connected. You need basic HTML knowledge and a website in order to add a Facebook link to a web page.

  1. Visit your Facebook website address. Navigate to your Facebook link page (this contains your picture, friends, and possibly your information if the page is public) and copy the URL from the browser address bar to your clipboard.
  2. Open the HTML document in your editing program. Open the web page where you want to add the Facebook link in your HTML editor. This is the HTML document containing your web page code.
  3. Insert the HTML link code. Insert the Facebook link code into the body of your HTML file. For example, if your Facebook link is, the HTML link code is "<a href= target=_blank>Go to My Facebook Page</a>" (no quotes). Place it where you want it to appear on the page.
  4. Upload the HTML file to your website server. Save the HTML file with your new Facebook link. Upload it to your web server.
  5. Refresh web page to check the Facebook link. Open your updated web page in your browser and click the link to assure that it works correctly. Visitors can now view your Facebook link and click the option to add you as a friend (or become a fan).



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