How To Add A Font To Microsoft Word

Those of you who do desktop publishing or word processing will find it very important to know how to add a font to Microsoft Word. The typefaces (fonts) offered by the stock installation of Windows simply isn't enough for all possible professional tasks. Fortunately, as intimidating as it sounds, it doesn't take much to add a font to Microsoft Word or any other modern word processing application running on Windows.

To add fonts to Microsoft Word, you will need:

  • Archive extraction software
  • A web browser
  1. Search for typefaces online. If you don't already have a font to add to Microsoft Word, you can find some on the web. Be sure to download them to a single directory whose location you will easily remember. Fonts come in the .ttf file format, but they may also be packaged in archives such as .zip or .rar files. Note that some fonts that you can download online will cost money.
  2. Extract the font for use by Windows. If your font file comes packaged in one of the aforementioned archive formats, you will need archive extraction software to retrieve the .ttf files you are going to add to the system. If it is a .zip file, then Windows itself should be able to open it as a folder. Extract the files to a single directory.
  3. Add the font to Windows. Click on the Start menu, then select "Control Panel." Once the Control Panel window opens, find and double-click the "Fonts" entry. From here you can drag and drop the font from the original directory into this window. You can also click on the "Install New Font" menu item and browse to the directory where your desired typeface is located, select it, and click "OK" to finish.
  4. Start or restart Microsoft Word. Now the final step to adding a font to Microsoft Word is for Word to recognize its existence. To do this you need to close and restart Word if you still have it open, or simply start it up after the first three steps are complete. You should now have this font in Word for use in your documents. Warning: if you add too many fonts, this may bog down your Microsoft Word, or even your entire computer system.


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