How To Add Fonts To Microsoft Word

Are your tired of the same old fonts in Word and want to know how to add fonts to Microsoft Word? Learning to add fonts to Microsoft Word will allow you to be even more creative when doing projects on your computer. Regular fonts work fine for doing resumes, typing up documents and writing papers, but if you want to add a personal touch and style to cards or invitations or other special projects, you will need new fonts. Follow the steps below to learn how to add fonts to Microsoft Word.

To add fonts to Microsoft Word you need:

  • computer
  • zip program
  • Microsoft Word
  1. Download a zip program. You can find a free zip program by searching the web. A zip program will allow you to unzip free files from the web to be able to add the fonts to your font collection. A couple of zip programs that you can look into are Just ZIPit and WinRAR.
  2. Select the Microsoft Word fonts that you want to use. Search though the thousands of free fonts on the web. Find Microsoft Word fonts that will be suitable for you with the projects that you want to do.
  3. Download the zip file fonts. Once you find the Microsoft Word fonts that you want to download, click the download zip file button. This will download and also unzip the fonts for Microsoft Word. This file can now be opened and now should be located in the Windows temporary files on your computer.
  4. Locate the new fonts. On the bottom of the desktop, click the start button, and then click settings. Next, click the control panel, and then fonts. Once you are in fonts, you now have access to your Microsoft Word fonts.
  5. Install the new fonts. When you are in fonts, to install, click on Install New Font. Now you can store the Microsoft Word fonts on your computer. A window will pop up first and then you should click on C: drive, and then Temp. This will let you locate all of the added Microsoft Word fonts.
  6. Open Microsoft Word to view your added fonts. You should now be able to find the name of the fonts that you have downloaded on the fonts drop down bar in Microsoft word. Enjoy adding your personal touch to your projects with your new added fonts.
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