How To Add Hulu To Boxee

If you having been using Boxee then you may be wondering how to add Hulu to Boxee. With the many features that Boxee offers, the ability to use Hulu is just another added bonus. For the past year Hulu has had up and down issues of blocking Boxee users. With the introduction of Boxee Beta, however, these problems seem to be in the past. To add Hulu to Boxee, follow these steps.

  1. Download the Boxee software. This free download is available at the Boxee website located at If you have not already registered for and downloaded your free software you will need to do that now before continuing to step two.

  2. Install, confirm, and set up Boxee. When you have completed your installation you will need to check your email for a confirmation email from Boxee. Confirm your free account through the link provided in your email.

  3. Login to Hulu. You will need to create a Hulu account in order to access Hulu from your Boxee software. To set up a free Hulu account visit Hulu at Follow the link labeled Sign up located in the upper right hand corner. When you have registered and verified your Hulu account you may login to Hulu.

  4. Login to Boxee. Double click on your Boxee software icon that you saved to either your desktop or your start menu. Open and login to your Boxee software.

  5. Access the Boxee TV Show library. You can access the Boxee TV show library by clicking on the TV Shows option located on the Boxee start menu.

  6. Choose a show. Scroll through the TV Show library options to locate a show you would like to watch. You will advance to the next screen listing the episodes of the show that are available for legal viewing online.

  7. Choose an episode. You will have the ability to scroll and click on the episode of the show you would like to watch. If Hulu is an available option you will see it listed on the next screen.

  8. Click on the Hulu option. If Hulu is an option you simply need to click on the icon to access the show through Hulu's site. If you are logged into your Hulu account you will automatically access Hulu through Boxee and view your show.

Please keep in mind that Boxee and Hulu are still working out their compatibility issues, so this may still cause some difficulty when trying to add Hulu to Boxee. If you have any problems accessing Hulu from your Boxee software you can access support and troubleshooting options by logging into your Boxee account at You will find forums and support options on your account screen in the upper right hand corner. Keep in mind that at this time only television shows are accessible between Boxee and Hulu. Information on any updates for Hulu viewing on Boxee can be found at Boxee's blog on their official website.

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