How To Add Lights To An Xbox 360 Controller

The style and design of the Xbox 360 controller is awesome, but knowing how to add lights to an Xbox 360 controller would make it look even better. The Xbox 360 controller was designed to fit almost perfectly in your hands. Most gamers agree that its design is superior to most other brands’ controllers. So of course adding lights to the Xbox 360 controller will just add to its appeal.

To add lights to an Xbox 360 controller you will need:

  • Small phillips head screw driver
  • Soldering iron-15 watt
  • .22 60/40 rosin core solder
  • Glue gun with hot glue
  • Wire cutter/stripper
  • Surface mount LED lights in the colors of your choice
  • 30 AWG wire
  • Tweezers
  1. Gather your supplies. The glue gun and glue can be found at any craft store and the rest can be found at just about any electronic or computer supply store. Make sure you pick up everything on the list before you attempt to add lights to your Xbox 360 controller.
  2. Take apart the Xbox 360 controller. First remove all screws on the outside of the controller. Then remove the screws marked with a screw symbol to detach the motherboard from the casing.
  3. Remove the wires that are going to the motors in the controller. Then remove the motors themselves. Now you should be able to completely remove the motherboard from the controller.
  4. Decide where to place the LED lights. You can place lights almost anywhere on the Xbox 360 controller. Holes can be drilled through the plastic on the outside of the controller and LED lights can be placed on them to create just about any glowing design. If the wires on the end of the LED lights cannot reach the power supply, then you will have to use the 30 gauge wire for it.
  5. Connect the LED lights to the power supply. The LED lights need to be connected to the power supply on the controller with the soldering gun. You do this by simply soldering the positive wire on the LED to the yellow cable in the line of six cables attached to the motherboard. This yellow cable is the power supply to the controller. The negative wire on the LED will need to be soldered to the ground wire within the power supply. The ground wire is the larger black wire in the bundle that serves as the power supply.
  6. Glue the LED lights into place. Once you are finished with attaching the LED’s to the power supply, you will have to use the glue gun to glue them into place. Once they are glued in place, you can put the mother board back into the controller, reattach the motors, and screw the case shut.
  7. Go ahead and test you controller out. You will be very pleased with it. Just remember, modifying your Xbox 360 controller to add lights will void your product warranty with Microsoft.

If you do not have a clue as to how to solder a component onto a motherboard, then do not try this. You can permanently damage your controller. Also make sure that all of the components that you remove from the controller while taking it apart are put back when you are finished. If you put the Xbox 360 controller back together wrong, it may not work correctly.



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