How To Add Links To A Fossil Watch

If you have a large wrist or prefer to wear your watch loose, you may be wondering how to add links to a Fossil watch. The retailer where you purchase your watch will often size your watch for you. You can also get your watch professionally sized at a jeweler or you can do it yourself. Here's how it's done:

To add links to a Fossil watch, you will need:

  • Fossil watch
  • Watch sizing tool
  • Links and pins
  1. Get out your tools and links. In order to add links to a Fossil watch, you first need to obtain additional links. Each Fossil watch style requires specific links. If you have saved previously removed links and their accompanying pins, you are ready to go. If you need additional links, you can obtain them by requesting them from Fossil using the style number printed on the back of the face of the watch.

  2. Decide where you want to add links to a Fossil watch. Look at your watch band and you will see that near the clasp the pins holding the links in place are visible. Each removable link will have two accessible pins. If you are adding more than one link, you will want to add an even number to each side of the clasp in order to keep the clasp centered comfortably at the back of your wrist.

  3. Open the bracelet. Look closely at both the top and bottom of the bracelet and you will see that the pins have rounded ends and on the other side they have split ends. Using your watch sizing tool, press on a rounded end to remove a pin. Carefully save the pin for future use. Your watchband will open and you will be ready to add links to a Fossil watch.

  4. Add links to a Fossil watch. Match the additional link firmly up against the link you have just removed a pin from. Check to see which direction you will insert the pin from so that it will match the others in the band and have the rounded and split ends facing the same way. Insert a pin, placing the round end in first. Press on the split end with your watch sizing tool. Add an additional link to this side, if desired. Follow the next step to close the bracelet and repeat the steps to add an additional link, or links, to the other side as needed.

  5. Close the bracelet. You have added a link to your Fossil watch. Now close the band by adding a second pin to combine the open links.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Always check the availability of additional links before purchasing a watch that is too small.
  • Be careful not the lose any of the watch pins.

Once you add links to a Fossil watch, try it on for size and step out comfortably in style. You don't need to be limited in your fashion choices if you are aware that it could be possible to add links to the Fossil watch of your choice.

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