How To Add Memory To An LG VX5500

The LG Vx5500 comes with a mere 44MB of internal memory, which may leave you wondering how to add memory to an LG Vx5500. The LG Vx5500 supports MicroSD memory cards enabling the capacity to be expanded up to 2GB. MicroSD memory cards are common, easy to find and very easy to use with your LG Vx5500.

What you will need:

  • LG Vx5500
  • MicroSD Memory Card (2GB or less)
  1. Insert the memory card into the LG Vx5500. Insert the memory card into the phone via the memory card slot. The MicroSD memory card slot is located on the bottom, left side of the phone. Open the protective latch and insert the memory card, closing the latch afterwards.
  2. Format the memory card. Format the memory card upon first use in an LG Vx5500. Formatting the memory card can be accomplished from the settings menu of the LG Vx5500.


Some versions of the LG Vx5500 do not have a MicroSD memory card slot, especially the versions released by Verizon Wireless.

If your LG Vx5500 does not have a memory card slot, there is no way to upgrade the memory.

The memory card can be used to store pictures, music and videos from your LG Vx5500.

MicroSD memory cards are fairly common and can be found at any electronics retailer and online. The MicroSD memory card is the only type of memory card compatible with the LG Vx5500

Some users have reported MicroSD cards of up to 4GB functioning with the LG Vx5500; however, the official documentation states the max memory is 2GB.

The easiest way to connect a MicroSD memory card to the PC to transfer music to the LG Vx5500 is by using a MicroSD to SD memory card adapter, typically sold with MicroSD memory cards.

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