How To Add Movies To Iphone

Need to know how to add movies to your iPhone? Adding movies to your iPhone takes more work than adding music. Don’t get discouraged though; follow these easy to understand steps and you will be able to add any movie to your iPhone rather simply.

To add movies to your iPhone, you will need:

  • An iPhone
  • An iTunes account
  • A computer with iTunes
  • A digital converter program for your computer
  • A USB cable for your iPhone
  1. You will first need to add the movie you wish to add to your iPhone to your computer. You can add the movie to your computer by either “ripping” the DVD to your computer or by downloading the movie off of the internet.
  2. You will then need to convert your movie file so that it is compatible with both iTunes and your iPhone. You can use a variety of different digital converter programs, but not all work with all operating systems. One that works well with both Macs and PCs is QuickTime Pro, but this is not the only one. You simply want a program that will convert your video file into an MPEG-4 (MP4) format.
  3. You then add your movie file to your iTunes library. If your iTunes is not set up to automatically sync with your library, then you simply need to drag and drop your movie in MP4 format to your iTunes. If you would like to avoid adding it to your iTunes, then you can drag and drop it directly to your iPhone.
  4. If you add the movie to your iTunes library, then you simply need to sync your iPhone with your iTunes. While your iPhone is connected to your computer with a USB cable, you need to select the iPhone icon under the “Devices” list in iTunes.
  5. Then, select the “Movies” tab at the top of your iTunes window. Select the check box next to “Sync Movies” on your iTunes program.
  6. Now it is time to sync your iPhone to iTunes. Simply click the “Sync” button in the lower right corner of iTunes. Be sure to not unplug your iPhone from the USB cable until your iTunes program tells you that the syncing process is done.
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