How To Add My Store Items To Google Shopping

Knowing how to add store items to Google Shopping can help you keep your online store up to date and keep customers coming back for more. It's a relatively simple process, especially if you already have your store set up.

To add store items to Google Shopping you will need:

  • A website or blog for your Google store
  • A Google Merchant account
  • A list of products to add, with descriptions and graphics
  1. Add the provided html code to your website for your product information. The code can be found at Google's information pages regarding Google Checkout and Google Shopping. The provided code simply has to be cut and pasted into the body of your website's html code.
  2. Replace the default products included in the html code with your own products. Using the information at the Google Checkout support page, carefully follow the directions for Annotating Pages with Product Data.
  3. If you haven't already, set up your Google Merchant account on Google Shopping. Sign up via the appropriate web pages at Google Checkout and make a note of your Merchant ID.
  4. Log in to your Google Merchant account and specify shipping options through the appropriate tabs. You may choose from several different shipping options, and also can specify tax rates and other information in your account area.
  5. Release your cart and start selling. Once you've set up everything according to Google Shopping's directions, you can put your cart live and start bringing in Google Shopping customers.

If you are working with a blog as your main website, Google also provides a simple gadget to set up a store through blogger. Items are easily added through a spreadsheet. Once your Merchant Account and store are set up, you will be able to add products at any time by adding the appropriate html code.

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