How To Add Ringtones To iPhone 3g

Anyone can learn how to add ringtones to iPhone 3g. Apple's line of iPhones are a great investment. You get so many features and benefits from having an iPhone, because it is a great phone and one of the top phone devices on the market. Adding ringtones to your iPhone 3g can help customize and personalize your phone. By following the right steps and allowing allowing at least twenty minutes of your time, you can download ringtones on your iPhone 3g.

To add ringtones to iPhone 3g you need:

  • iPhone 3g
  • computer with internet access
  • iTunes
  1. Open your iTunes library. All videos and ringtones usually have to go through iTunes. Open your iTunes library on your computer, and then look for songs marked with the ringtone symbol. Once you find a song you want to use for a ringtone, select "Store" and then, "Create Ringtone." You can also click on "Preferences" and then choose "Ringtones" from there.
  2. Edit your ringtone. Pick out about 30 seconds of your favorite part of the song that you want to use for your ringtone on your iPhone 3g. To do this, on the bottom of your computer screen, highlight the area that you want to select. Next to the "Fade In" or "Fade Out" buttons, click the checkbox if you want to do any additional editing of your ringtone.
  3. Listen to your edited ringtone. On the "Looping" menu, select the interval you want to alter the delay time. Once you are done editing your ringtone, you can listen to your ringtone by choosing the "Preview" button. If you like what you hear, go ahead and click "Buy." Otherwise, make any additional adjustments necessary to your ringtone.
  4. Sync your iPhone 3g. Once the ringtone gets in your iTunes library, sync your iPhone to your computer. Now you have added a ringtone to your iPhone 3g. You can choose different ringtones for different callers in your contact list by just adding more ringtones to your iPhone 3g and assigning them to a specific contact.
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