How To Add Romance To A Relationship

If you've ever wondered how to add romance to a relationship, then you are not alone. Romance is exciting and is a great way to show your partner how much you care about him or her. It can also keep the relationship from become boring or routine. Romance is something that requires thought but doesn't have to be complicated or cost money.  This article will show you some ways to easily add that extra romantic spark to your relationship.

  1. Hide romantic notes. Writing and hiding romantic notes is a great way to easily add romance to your relationship. This will let your partner know that you are thinking about them. Write whatever you'd like on the notes such as poems, compliments, or sensual messages. Hide them in places that your partner is guaranteed to find them such as pants pockets, inside the medicine cabinet, or on their car steering wheel. 
  2. Create a romantic dinner at home. Dinners at home can be very romantic since both of you are sure to feel comfortable and relaxed. Choose sensual foods and wine that your partner likes. Light the room with candles and dimmed lighting, place rose petals on the table and play soft, romantic music. 
  3. Make his or her day easier.  Adding romance to your relationship can be as easy as doing something for the other person to make their day a little bit easier. Things that can be greatly appreciated may be having their car detailed, ordering lunch to be sent to work, or even simple things like taking out the trash can be romantic.
  4. Enjoy nature together. Getting outdoors together is a great way to bring romance into the relationship. Nature and all it's beauty has a naturally romancing affect. Try taking a stroll in the park or cuddling on the beach. Give your partner a handpicked flower bouquet or memento to remember the date.
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