How To Add A Row In Excel

Every Microsoft Excel computer user should know how to add a row in Excel. You've created your first Excel spreadsheet and your are mighty proud. Unfortunately, in your haste, you realize that you forgot a row. Don't fret, you don't have to redo your entire worksheet just because you left out a row. It's easy to add a row in Excel by using the "Insert" command. The instructions below are intended for Excel Version 2002, but can be easily modified for the slight variations in other versions.

  1. Open Excel. Next open the Excel file that you need to change.
  2. Position your mouse cursor immediately below the new row that you want to add in order to add a row in Excel.
  3. Right click on that cell. You should see a list of commands.
  4. Click "Insert" from the available options. After selecting "Insert," your new row should be added above your current selected row.
  5. Save your worksheet by clicking "File" then "Save" from the toolbar. Alternatively, if your spreadsheet has already been named and saved, you can simply click the save icon located on the toolbar.
  6. In order to add more than one row in Excel, highlight two or more cells in the rows. To delete a row in Excel, you follow the same procedure for adding a row in Excel, except instead of selecting "Insert," select "Delete."
  7. If you find that you need to add or delete a column in Excel, the procedure is similar. However, instead of placing your mouse cursor below the row to be added, you want to place your mouse cursor to the right of the column to be added or deleted in Excel. Once your cursor is in the position immediately to the right of the new column you want to add or delete, click "Insert." You should now have added a column in Excel. To delete a column in Excel, follow the same procedure, except select "Delete" instead of "Insert."
  8. To add a row in Excel 2007, choose the "Home" command tab from the ribbon. Click the down arrow from the Cells group. Select "Insert Sheet Rows."  Your new row should be added above the selected cell.

Warning: don't forget to save!


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